About Solo Tech Pros

The Independent Technology Professional is a vital component to the success of small businesses and individuals everywhere. Without Independent Technology Professionals, most small businesses would not have the ability to research, deploy, or support the technologies crucial to their productivity. Individuals in the home would similarly have very little resources to make the most of their technology needs.

As technology use has exploded over the last twenty to thirty years, the number of Independent Technology Professionals has also mushroomed. While many tech pros are excellent with the technology they service, most unfortunately have little training or knowledge on how to run a successful business. As the industry matures, only those Independent Technology Professionals who set themselves apart by keeping their customers happy and running efficient, profitable businesses will continue to be successful.

Solo Tech Pros was launched with the mission of becoming the premier resource for Independent Technology Professionals. Drawing upon the 10+ years of experience attained by the successful independent technology company Marcel Brown Technology Services, other solo tech pros will be able to get the insight needed to accelerate the pace of their own success.

Welcome to Solo Tech Pros! Please spread the word to other Independent Technology Professionals you know, as the bigger the community we build, the more we can all learn from each other.