Use DNS to Protect Your Clients

by on July 10, 2012

OpenDNSThose of us who support networks for our clients (especially networks with Windows computers) must employ various measures to keep those networks free of malware and other threats. One method that I believe is underutilized is the use of DNS redirection as a protective layer, such as is implemented by the service OpenDNS. Free to use in many instances, by simple replacement of a network’s standard DNS numbers with the numbers provided by OpenDNS, many identified sources of malicious software are redirected to an innocuous warning page, negating the possibility of attack before it gets started. These sources are constantly updated by OpenDNS so you or your clients do not need to do anything to stay up to date.

The use of OpenDNS can be used as an additional layer of protection to your standard use of anti-virus software and firewalls. Because it is so simple to implement and inexpensive to use, it has become a standard part of my network setups for all my small business and residential clients.

The DNS system has been in the news lately due to the DNSChanger malware. Do you use OpenDNS or another similar DNS service to protect your clients’ networks?

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